Manage your money your way
Unlike traditional banks, Parity doesn’t invest or reuse your money in any way, leaving you full control over your funds at any given moment.
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Keep your money safe with our e-wallet
Let us take care of security. Your assets are under protection of the US Government as AAA-secured US Treasuries
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Make instant and unlimited payments
Global payments in USD with no fees.
Other currencies coming soon.
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Virtual Wallet
Think of Parity like a virtual wallet

Deposit money into your ‘e-wallet’ and it’s ready whenever you need it. It’s protected, it’s secure - and it’s yours.

Just like a physical wallet, you have full control over what you put in and what you take out – and every transaction is free and instant. You can manage everything through the Parity app or website and transfer money all over the world.

Make it easy
That means
no more:
  • Waiting for banks to approve your transactions
  • Waiting for money to come in to your account
  • Not knowing where your money actually is
  • Costs for making international payments
  • Risk of banks losing your money or savings
E wallet functions
So, how does the e-wallet work?

When you deposit money into your account, you get a ‘digital receipt’. It says you’re owed that money whenever you want – and it converts to $USD so it keeps everything really simple.

The money is safely deposited in an FDIC insured trust, and AAA-secured US Treasuries – so it’s guaranteed by the US Government.
The Parity way of managing money

With Parity anyone can make international payments anytime – with no transaction fees and no limits on the amount.

  • Instant
    Send and receive money around the globe instantly – there are no limits on the amount and there’s no cost to you
  • Final
    Payments are final – it’s not an on-going transaction and you don’t have to wait for bank approvals
  • Private
    You hold and control your money – it’s not kept, monitored or invested by anyone else, only you.
  • Secure
    Your money is entirely safe – it’s deposited in AAA cash management and FDIC insured trusts
Our acсounts
Who can use it?
Personal account
You might have family abroad (and you’re used to waiting days for money to transfer). You’re not alone. Every year $70bn is transferred across the world to family members – we don’t believe you should be charged for that. It’s your family and your money.
  • Make global payments to anyone - instantly
  • Send or receive money from friends and family
  • Store your money safely
  • Plus… it’s entirely free
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Business account
As a business, it can be a massive headache trying to send large sums of money across the globe. Maybe you have a client in China and want to pay them for their recent audit on your company? So, rather than waiting for banks to approve the transfer, with Parity, money is moved instantly to other companies across the world – and there’s no limit to the amount you can transfer.
  • Use Parity for corporate pay-outs, salaries and international expenses
  • Move your money to countries around the world and manage your assets
  • Set up e-commerce with no chargebacks
  • Charities can make instant donations all over the world – even remote places
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Create an account
How does it work?

Anyone can create an account. All you need is our app and a phone number. It doesn’t matter where you live; it takes just a matter of seconds to get set up.

Once you have your account, you can transfer or receive any amount of money for free – there’s no limit. So, whether you’re an individual sending money to family or you’re a large corporation paying an international company for their services, we have you sorted

  1. You deposit money in your e-wallet
  2. You get a ‘digital receipt’ for it in $USD
  3. You can transfer, withdraw, or request the money 24/7 – and it’s sent straight away all across the globe
Parity functions
What can you do with Parity?
Everything is managed through the app or our website, so your money is completely in your control.
  • Transfer and receive money instantly
  • Request payment from people/companies all over the world
  • Deposit your money into the e-wallet to keep it safe
  • Withdraw money from the e-wallet to your bank account or into cash
  • Spend money online with Parity’s e-commerce capabilities
  • Coming Soon

    Spend money with your Parity Visa Card

    Investment opportunities

More advantages
What makes Parity different?
Learn more
  • Virtual
    There are a lot of banks out there – and some new digital banks too - but that’s not us. We don’t take your money, invest it or loan it back to you. Instead, we’ve created a safe ‘warehouse’ for you to store your money – it’s kind of like a virtual vault, which is looked after by a regulated trust company.
  • Safe
    All your funds are kept safely in AAA assets – so we never have access to it. We have a ‘Ring-Fenced Trust’, meaning we have an agreement with a trust company to look after your money. Therefore, no one (not even Parity) can move, manage or invest your money.
  • This is what
    you need
    We don’t operate for shareholders interests; we operate for yours. We shape the app for what you need, not for what third-parties want. Our focus is always on providing the best service that we can.
Tried, trusted, tested
There’s a wealth of knowledge behind the scenes.
It’s not just the Parity Digital team who make good things happen;
we have our trusted and valued partners to keep everything working smoothly.
Our team
Our advisors
Our team
Our advisors
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