Instant global settlement system

Parity helps individuals and corporates around the world store money safely and transfer it in real-time.

Parity combines cash held in trust with an ownership register that clients control directly.

TMF group
  • Transfer money in real-time globally 24 / 7 / 365
  • Store money in AAA safety and remove bank credit risk
  • Hold and exchange money in 34 currencies in real-time
  • Pay in and out using local and international payment methods
Parity can help in a number of scenarios
Sending money to friends, remittances, travelling, shopping online
Mass payouts, collection and disbursement of funds, escrow, treasury management

Parity is a partnership of leaders

TMF group
  1. Trusted

    TMF Services (Switzerland) are a corporate trustee of cash held in trust. TMF Group is the largest corporate service provider in the world. Trusted by 40% of Fortune 500 companies and 60% FTSE 100. Present in more than 80 countries. TMF Group administers more than $150bn in assets. Owned by CVC, a leading British private equity firm with more than $120bn of committed capital.
  2. Compliant

    Reed Smith, leading global law firm, ensure Parity solutions compliance with local regulations, including in the US, Europe, Switzerland.
  3. Regulated

    TMF Services SA is regulated in Switzerland. TMF Group holds licenses in 20+ other countries.
  4. Secure

    AAA Money-market fund partners include BNY Mellon, HSBC, BNP.
  5. Audited

    RSM Switzerland acts as auditors for TMF Services and Parity Trust.
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